Rules & FAQ

The LOWEST commission jackpot site!

Mechanics are simple: More you contribute into the pool, Higher the chances you win the entire pool!

- Login through Steam and connect your steam URL through Settings
- Place your deposit!
- The system calculates value for items that you deposited (valued by, for every dollar you get 100 points.
- When the pot reaches 50 items or 90 seconds, the raffle begins. The bigger contribution percentage to the pool, the higher chance to win.
- The jackpot winner will receive the jackpot VIA a steam offer. (MAX 15 minutes after chosen).

Why use us?

We run the lowest commission (4%) out of all jackpot sites. We consist of active, ready-to-help staff member at all times. We don't run any B.S like "if bot gets glitched, you don't get skins back."

We try to maintain the most legit and efficient way of CSGO Jackpotting!

Requirements to join:

-There's a 10 item limit per trade offer. Minimum of $0.5 value.

Note That:

- Your first deposit gives you a +5% win chance.
- By adding "" to your steam name and re-logging the site, you get +6% extra on your winnings!

Current Promotions:

1. All entries have a chance to win a choice of Karambit Fade/Slaughter FN (ends sep 8)
2. Retweet/Share us on Facebook for an extra chance!

Why did I not receive all the skins in the pool?

- The site takes 10% commission (4% with for upkeep, advertising, give-aways and site development.

How long does it take for my winnings?

- Within a minute. The bot should automatically send the winner their jackpot winnings!

Your Privacy:

- Logging in with Steam will never provide us with any information. Our Jackpot logs will NEVER be shared or sold.

Questions and Inquires can be sent to:

Deposit today and try your luck! Evolve Your Skins!
-Website Team