Provably Fair

To prove our system is legit we have made a Provably Fair system

This system is simple and you've probably seen something like it before! We don't use all kind of weird hash system, you simply need to enter the round hash to see all avaliable information on the round.
Every skin you deposit gives you 1 ticket per every $0.01 the skin is worth. (Example: A skin worth $1.4 gives you 140 tickets)
The winner is randomly selected after every round based on the winning module generated on every round's end.
The winning module is based on a simple algorithm: We generate a random value between 0.100000000 and 0.999999999.
The winning percentage/ticket is then generated by multiplying said round's pot with the module. (Example: 23*0.213123123 = 4.90[1831829])
The generated percentage/ticket will point to someone's deposit in our database and that user is the winner.

Basic example

Pot: $23
Gergo4961 deposited $13 - > This means he has 1300 tickets, from 1-1300
Player 2 deposited $10 - > This means he now owns 1000 tickets, ranging from 1301-2301
The winning module is generated, let's say its 0.123456789
The winning percentage/ticket is generated, it's 23*0.123456789 which equals to 2.83[9506147])
This means whoever owns ticket #283 wins the round.
Since Gergo4961 owns tickets 1-1300 this winning ticket is in his threshold he wins the round.

Still don't believe us?

You can purchase this script on and check the winner generating script yourself!

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